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Board of Directors

Brian R. Tye
President & CEO
Brian R. Tye is a Mexican/American who graduated from Jacksonville University with a double major in Economics and International Business. In the future, Brian plans to pursue a Master’s degree in Behavioral Economics in order to continue his passion and broaden his knowledge of consumer behavior and game theory. Brian loves languages, cultures, photography, and sports. He is fluent in English, Spanish, and French, and his interest in other cultures and photography comes from having lived in the United States, Italy, Mexico, and France throughout his life (Brian Tye Photography). He has also been involved in a variety of sports, including rowing in the varsity Jacksonville University team, mountain biking in Mexico, judo, soccer, and more recently, tennis. In order to show his interest for languages and sports, Brian created two highly successful and much-praised Meetup groups: the Paris Conversation group (with over 1,000 members) and the Paris Football (Soccer) group (with over 600 members). His strong organizational, multitasking, leadership, and time management skills can be seen in his ability to excel in a variety of activities at the same time. He has stood out in work, sports, and school where he was awarded a series of awards including the Florida Academic Scholars Bright Futures Scholarship, and the prestigious Jacksonville University Outstanding International Business Student Award.
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Alexander Noguera
Alexander Noguera is a trilingual (Spanish, English and French) entrepreneur and adventurer currently based in the city of Paris. He is an expert in Marketing and Human Resources with over ten years of experience; the last three with a Chinese company, which allowed him to acquire knowledge in the relationship with Asian cultures. He currently combines his studies in French with his two great passions for photography and writing while developing two ambitious projects (Xelai Photography).
Lisha Lopez
Treasurer & Secretary
Lisha Lopez is a Colombian/Peruvian who graduated from Jacksonville University with a double major in Accounting and International Business. Also attained her Master’s in Business Administration. She is currently working at SunGard Financial Systems as a Capacity Analyst.