• Our Story
We believe that it is our duty to act when we are capable of doing so. That we have a moral obligation to those less fortunate, to help cover basic human needs and rights to people, and especially children, living in hardship. The provision of food and clothing is an important step towards alleviating this gap.

A NOTE FROM OUR PRESIDENT - "Growing up in Mexico where half of the country's population of over 110 million lives in poverty, I came to realize that I want to help children have a better standard of living. I was lucky to have a happy and decent childhood, without having to worry about basic needs, and it is my wish that other children may enjoy the same opportunity. So I decided to create KinderAid and embark on a journey to help provide children around the world with the basic essentials that we all take for granted. Because...What makes me so different? Was it just that I was lucky? Why do I have everything I need, while some children don't even have food, shelter, or proper clothing?" - Brian R. Tye

Help A Child Succeed

Your kind contributions are what keep us running and able to help children around the world to a better life. Let’s all make a conscious effort to do our bit for the children.